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    A round cup reminiscent of Irish cream and almonds topped with dark chocolate ganache.

    With the help of Co-op Andes – Falcon Coffee have identified farmers with plots ranging from 1 - 3ha and with the potential to produce specialty grade coffee - TAP has been able to select two of microlots and bring them to you.

    The farms are dominated by the dramatic peaks and valleys of The Andes, which provide the perfect combination of high altitude and fertile soils to grow exceptionally high-grade beans. 

    El Encanto leaves its beans to ferment for 20 hours and washed. The cup is much cleaner and more typical of South America, showcasing notes of Irish cream and dark chocolate ganache.

    Locale Ciudad Bolivar

    Region Antioquia

    Varieties Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

    Process Fully Washed

    Altitude 1900 masl

    Harvest October-January

    Amount 250g

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