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    A warming brew delivers sloe gin flavours with notes of blueberry & delicate Rooibos tea.

    Within the Guji region, the Shakiso dry mill specialises in high grade sun dried coffee. Only the ripest shade grown cherries are delivered to the Shakiso mill before being dried for 12-15 days on raised beds. The cherries are periodically raked for a consistent drying process, which are then covered in to protect from sun damage and rainfall in the evening. The combination of high altitude, consistent rainfall and local knowledge all contribute to the high status of the Guji region. The heirloom varietals in addition to the natural drying process makes for a unusual, but refined cup of coffee.

    Locale: Guji

    Region: Oromia

    Varieties: Heirloom

    Process: Naturnal

    Altitude: 1900 – 2100 masl

    Harvest: Oct-Jan

    Amount: 250g

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