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    Sweet and sticky dates meet black tea flavours, with notes of raspberry and rose hip in the finish.

    The Karambi cooperative, founded in 2003, has been a great success story. Just four years after being founded it won the Golden Cup and has since been a forerunner in both the Cup of Excellence and Golden Cup competitions.

    The coffee is grown on the highest Rwandan peaks from ultra-nutritious soil, where farmers pick only the ripest coffee cherries. The fruits then go on to a strictly wet processing chain where careful removal of undesirable cherries is done. After de-pulping and cleaning, a second selection is done followed by progressive sun drying. We’re delighted to have secured this exclusive lot!

    Locale Karambi

    Southern Province

    Varieties Red Bourbon

    Process Fully Washed

    Altitude 1500 masl

    Harvest March-July



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