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    This is another excellent brewer.  It's a very versatile piece of equipment because you can get very different brews depending on how much water you use.  Use less water to get a stronger cup or more water if you prefer a more delicate brew.  

    The Aeropress is easy to use and works really well for traveling or in the office.  You can even use part of it to heat your water in if you have access to a microwave but not a kettle!

    Our method is to use 15g (about 2 heaped table spoons) of coffee for every 250ml (roughly 1 small mug) of water.  Try boiling only the exact amount of water you want to use and don't forget to pour out every last drop! Mix the water into the coffee and steep for 45 seconds.  Then replace the plunger and slowly press the water through the coffee. 



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