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    Haribo Peaches intertwined with a Goji berry acidity and Malt Chocolate in the finish. Juicier than Elvis.

    The Uchumachi colony is located in the North Yungas region, high in the mountains, in a corridor known as 'the door to the amazon'. Coffee from this region is grown using organic methods, and this Carrasco coffee is Organic Certified. Each cherry is picked by hand to ensure maximum ripeness, and each plant receives multiple passes over the months-long harvest, which also contributes to processing only perfectly ripe cherries.  As the Carrasco is a semi-washed or white honey processed coffee, 5% of the mucilage is retained during the de-mucilaging process, lending it an unbelievable sweet and round flavor profile. 

    Locale Carrasco

    Region Uchumachi

    Varieties Caturra, Typica

    Process Semi Washed

    Altitude 1550 - 1650 masl

    Harvest November - January

    Amount 250g

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