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    Black Cherry Sorbet, Raisin Danish with hints of Orange Blossom and Creme Anglaise

    Kaguyu is on the western side of the Kiringaya District in the southern part of the famous Mt. Kenya. This year has been tough for Kenya; the country has suffered record droughts which has in turn to low harvests and a demand from farmers for higher prices at the exchange. A drought has its good side though; the nutrients in the soil being collected by fewer plants means the surviving crops are imbued with extra juiciness. We have picked this incredible coffee for its exemplary Kenyan jammy-ness ans wild floral tones that left us astounded.

    Locale Kaguyu

    Region Kiringaya

    Varieties SL28, SL 34

    Process Fully Washed

    Altitude 1600 - 1800 masl

    Harvest October - April

    Amount 250g

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